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5 Things to Remember While Making a LinkedIn Post

According to some people, LinkedIn is all about finding jobs. But it is not, as there are a lot more things people are doing right now on LinkedIn. We just need to explore and learn the tricks to grow our presence and get some LinkedIn post ideas. Be it any social media site Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we need to focus upon the content in order to reach out as well as educate people about us and tell them that ‘yes, we are present’.

Content is really very important to take the brand to the next level. It all depends on us what we are trying to convey to the audience and how they receive it. We have been hearing from people that ‘What should be posted on LinkedIn’, the answer to this question is the quality matters more than what to be posted. Hence, the posts must contain relevant content. Here are the 5 LinkedIn post ideas you should be doing-

  1. Enthralling first line

The headline of any post is very important as it lets the reader decide whether they will read more. It should be captivating and really attractive. As we all have heard this ‘First impression is the last impression’, that first impression must be attractive and engaging enough, so that the audience can stick to it and read the whole post.

  1. To the point sentences

People are not very happy to read long and elaborate sentences. Keep it minimal and to the point so that the audience can get a clear idea of what is going on. Having a short and crisp content can help save time of the reader and will help to gain the readability.

  1. Don’t add external links

Try and add the external links in the first comment as every social media platform hates external links. LinkedIn is not about posting the content instantly. LinkedIn is a platform that is not for cross-platform. It should be clear and concise.

  1. A big No to Emojis

As we all know LinkedIn is a very professional social media platform. Hence, it is important to maintain professionalism on LinkedIn posts too. Adding emojis will make the impactful posts look dull on LinkedIn. Thus, using emojis is a big no to be used in any of the posts.

  1. 3-4 Hashtags only

Using hundreds of hashtags makes the post heavy as well as irrelevant. Thus, 3-4 hashtags on LinkedIn are enough in order to leverage the reach. Reach is one of the very important points to achieve, as we want to reach out to the target audience and provide them with the best results.

Let’s begin!

Follow these simple tips now and it will do wonders for your brand or businesses. Follow these LinkedIn post ideas as it is one of the best places to market your brand and businesses as there are all professional audiences on it.


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