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Jabnex’s social media marketing boosts engagement, retention, and sales. Our social media service options offer customized social media management, full-funnel ROI tracking, and more. Ask for a flight plan, strategy, and price immediately!


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    Enjoy all social media marketing perks

    Time. Effort. Headaches. Don’t worry we got your back!

    Jabnex’s social media marketing services are your solution to saving all three. With our services, you can:

    • Build, implement, and manage a highly effective social media marketing strategy.
    • Develop creative and engaging concepts for social media posts, advertisements, and more.
    • Efficiently address social media comments, messages, and reviews.
    • Launch cohesive yet distinct campaigns across various social media platforms.
    • Seamlessly coordinate your social media marketing with other strategies, such as email and content marketing.
    • Fill in skill gaps by leveraging the expertise of our team in areas like copywriting, graphic design, and advertising.
    • Devote more attention to in-house marketing projects, responsibilities, and priorities.
    • Gain valuable insights and recommendations from our seasoned social media marketers.
    • Enhance key performance metrics that are of utmost importance to your business, such as generating LinkedIn leads.

    Choose Your Plan.

    Jabnex offers several flexible offers for you. Find the suitable one from here.

    Number of Posts per Month
    Custom Images per Month
    Number of Networks
    Up to 2
    Up to 3
    Boosted Posts per Month
    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Social Media Competitive Analysis
    Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
    Social Media Audit + Recommendations
    Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
    48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
    Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
    Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
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    Jabnex's specialised social media marketing services have everything.

    Leave the search for the perfect plan behind — with Jabnex, you have the power to craft a personalized social media marketing service plan that encompasses all the essentials for your business’s social media marketing needs (and the attainment of your social media objectives).

    Within our tailored plans, your company will also gain access to the following:

    • In-depth social media account assessment
    • Comprehensive competitor analysis
    • Thorough evaluation of your social media network presence
    • Insights-driven recommendations for your social media strategy
    • Full-funnel ROI reporting
    • A dedicated marketing squad, comprising social media specialists, designers, and copywriters
    • And more!

    Jabnex includes these features due to our extensive years of experience in marketing businesses. These components are designed to empower your business in optimizing its social media performance and accomplishing your desired results, such as increased sales.

    Jabnex's social media services promote your business on the biggest networks.

    Instagram Marketing Services: Get Instagram followers for your business with our dedicated Instagram management.

    Social networking, email, and digital marketing are complicated for many companies. A strategic partnership with a full-service digital marketing agency helps. We stand out because we offer many services and a customized strategy, including Instagram management.

    Our Instagram marketing services contain these crucial features, specifically developed to increase business results:

    1. Examine Instagram thoroughly.
    2. A personalized approach to achieve your goals.
    3. Engagement on Instagram requires active management.

    Our Instagram marketing services are a complete tool for Instagram success. Your company’s success story on this platform is enhanced with precision and understanding, providing every opportunity for success.

    Instagram Advertising Services: Our Instagram advertising services boost likes, followers, and money.

    Social media advertising is key to a successful digital marketing plan. However, the real joy comes from realizing these sites can boost your marketing efforts! The appropriate social media agency may transform your campaign.

    Our organization has a great team of social media experts ready to work with you. We’ll create an Instagram advertising strategy that boosts your business and gives you an edge. Our transparency and support throughout the social media advertising process set us different.

    Facebook Advertising Services: Use Facebook’s massive potential with our specialist ad and PPC management services. Facebook offers unmatched business growth prospects with over two billion monthly active users. From customizing ad content to launching ads precisely and monitoring results, our strategic approach covers all aspects of Facebook advertising. We provide a complete Facebook advertising solution to help you maximize this powerful platform to grow your online presence and revenue.

    Twitter Advertising Services: Professional Twitter advertising boosts your presence. Our skilled marketing team delivers results and tailors solutions to your specific needs. Jabnex values cross-industry collaboration and delivers results. You can trust our marketing specialists to help you succeed.

    LinkedIn Advertising Services: Our LinkedIn advertising services at Jabnex help you create engaging recruiting and lead generation ads. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, working with an experienced advertising agency can be smart. Partnering with a LinkedIn marketing agency provides guidance from experienced professionals who stay current on features, adherence to LinkedIn’s guidelines and industry best practices, transparent pricing, comprehensive reporting, and effective communication. Jabnex’s marketing experts will create and execute a LinkedIn advertising campaign. Our relationship provides vital reports, data insights, and campaign status updates to get you results.

    TikTok Advertising Services: Boost your TikTok presence with Jabnex’s targeted bite-sized ads. We’re the ideal TikTok marketing partner for your business’s advertising initiatives. Strategic reasons to work with us:

    1. We Lead: Jabnex says “let us handle it for you”. Outsource TikTok ad design and performance monitoring to us. Let our expert staff handle everything while you focus on offering exceptional products and services to your clients.

    2. Masters of Social Media Magic: Mastering social media’s intricate network boosts business. The Jabnex team has extensive expertise marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. Our over hours of hands-on experience assist your TikTok advertising. Experienced Jabnex might boost your TikTok attempts.

    Custom social media marketing converts followers into consumers

    Social media marketing transcends the pursuit of followers, likes, and shares. It revolves around the conversion of your followers into devoted enthusiasts — individuals who not only engage with your product or service but also endorse and disseminate it.

    This is the core focus of Jabnex’s social media marketing services, which encompass:

    • Crafting a tailored strategy tailored to your business, industry, and market.
    • A dedicated team of, including strategists, copywriters, designers, and more.
    • Full-funnel ROI reporting for the comprehensive assessment of social media’s return on investment.
    • The creation of unique creative elements, such as posts, graphics, and more.

    With our social media marketing solutions, we’ve played an instrumental role in helping our clients generate an impressive millions in revenue over the years. This has significantly contributed to our leading client satisfaction rate of 92%.

    What makes Jabnex's social media marketing services work?

    Based on years of digital marketing and customer service experience, Jabnex has carefully created a client-focused social media marketing structure. Our structure simplifies your day, assuring no stress or wasted time.

    Briefly, our services work:

    1. Review: We examine your company’s branding, social media efforts, and goals.
    2. Implementation: We execute your company’s social media plan.
    3. Results: We give your business measurable results.

    A complete breakdown of our process is here:

    1. Industry Expertise: We match your business with a social media professional who knows your industry.
    2. Deep Dive: We learn about your company’s branding, social media history, and aspirations.
    3. Audit: A detailed review of your business’s social media profiles and strategy, including a competition analysis.
    4. Strategy Development: Based on our results, we create a customized social media strategy for your organization including network recommendations.
    5. Execution: We implement your social media strategy using our skills.
    6. Performance Tracking: Regular evaluations and adjustments improve your social media campaign’s performance.
    7. Reporting: We analyze your social media campaign’s impact on follower growth, sales, and more.

    Discover the potential impact of our social media services on your business’s bottom line by reaching out to us online today (or simply give us a call at +91 883-756-8036) to receive a customized proposal!

    FAQs about Social Media Management

    What is Social Media Management?

    Social media management involves creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content on various social media platforms to build and maintain a brand’s online presence.

    What tasks are included in Social Media Management Services?

    Tasks include creating content calendars, curating and creating content, scheduling posts, managing social media accounts, engaging with the audience, analyzing performance metrics, and running social media ad campaigns.

    How does Social Media Management benefit businesses?

    It helps businesses increase brand visibility, build relationships with the audience, drive website traffic, generate leads, provide customer support, gather feedback, and gain insights into audience preferences.

    What Social Media platforms should businesses focus on?

    The choice of platforms depends on the target audience and business goals. Common platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and emerging ones like TikTok.

    How often should businesses post on Social Media?

    Posting frequency varies by platform and audience. Generally, posting consistently (daily or several times a week) is recommended, but the focus should be on quality content over quantity.

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