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    What we offer in our
    exclusive SEO Services ?

    Are you searching for customized search engine optimization services?
    Then you’ve come to the right place. Discover more about our unique strategies
    for attracting organic search traffic and generating revenue.

    SEO Audits

    SEO audits is the heart of your SEO Strategy. Our SEO team employs a number of SEO tools to achieve the greatest results and gain the most insight into your website. With our varieties of resources, we can do a multi-pronged SEO audit of your website and give your company a competitive SEO strategy for increasing traffic and revenue from search engines.

    Your dedicated account manager will look at the following as part of your SEO audit:

    • Your website
    • Your website analytics data
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Quality
    • and more

    SEO Optimization

    Our managed SEO services cover everything from on-page SEO to off-site SEO to technical SEO. We can easily optimize your website, build your backlink profile, as well as enhance your technical optimizations.

    What you may expect from our SEO optimizations:

    • Strengthen existing URL ranks, traffic, and conversions
    • With our strong backline support improves rank for more competitive keywords on search engine
    • Improve website usability by boosting page speed and reducing load times.

    By improving keyword targeting and adhering to search engine guidelines, SEO optimization helps websites rank higher in search results and attracts organic traffic which ultimately helps you to increase your online presence and potential for conversions.

    SEO Strategy

    With Jabnex’s professional search engine optimization (SEO) solutions, you receive more than just an SEO specialist – you get a whole marketing team. Your company can establish a revenue-driving SEO strategy with the help of a team of experts ranging from business consultants to content marketers to web developers.

    We use a cooperative method to establishing a successful SEO plan, learning about your:

    • Corporate objectives.
    • Changes in the market and in SEO Additional marketing initiatives, such as PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing.

    A complete strategy that pushes your company's expansion, such as opening a new location or releasing a new product, while relieving you of the burden of delivering all the strategy for dominating search results.

    Full Funnel ROI Tracking

    Funnel setup involves structuring the customer journey into distinct stages, from initial awareness to final conversion, which improves your awareness about product and services. Along with our ROI tracking which helps in monitoring the financial effectiveness of marketing campaigns by comparing the net profit generated from the investment against the costs.

    • What amount of leads did SEO produce?
    • Which URLs had the most influence on leads and sales?
    • How many sales did SEO bring in?
    • How many leads were closed as a result of SEO?

    Integrating funnel setup and ROI tracking empowers businesses to strategically refine their marketing strategies, allocate resources wisely, and achieve meaningful business growth.

    SEO Content

    With our SEO marketing services, developing, generating, and publishing SEO content is quick and simple. This is due to the fact that we have an in-house staff of content marketers, copywriters, editors, and designers. Do you want to keep content creation in-house? Not a problem!

    Here's what you can expect from our SEO firm:

    • Keep track of the return on investment for each piece of content.
    • Create material for each level of the funnel, from awareness through consideration.
    • Use our project management system to provide feedback, suggestions, and more.

    Your company may improve its search ranks, traffic, and even conversion rates by creating professional SEO content that resonates to your target audience.


    Choose Your Plan.

    Jabnex offers several flexible offers for you. Find the suitable one from here.

    Number of Keyphrases Optimized
    Up to 150
    Up to 200
    Optimized Pages
    Up to 30
    Up to 40
    Technical Analysis & Report
    Keyword research
    Keyword mapping
    Title Tags & Meta descriptions
    Robots.txt Optimization
    XML Sitemap Creation & Submission
    Google Business Profile Optimization (if needed)
    Canonicalization Analysis
    Initial External Link Analysis
    Link Redirect Audit
    Internal Linking Restructuring & Optimization
    Duplicate Content Analysis
    Header Tags Optimized
    Setup of Website Sitemap
    Image Optimization
    Custom 404 Error Page Setup and Optimization
    Schema Implementation (JSON-LD)
    Google Analytics Setup w/ Conversion Tracking
    Google Analytics Traffic Analysis
    Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboard Setup
    8 Dashboards
    8 Dashboards
    Initial Visitor Profile Report
    Ongoing Quarterly Keyword Ranking Reporting
    Ongoing monthly traffic, goal & CPL reporting
    Ongoing User Experience Reporting
    Ongoing Quarterly Competitor Conquest Reports
    Keyword rank checker access with weekly updates
    A/B Testing of SERP title & description to improve clickthrough
    Notification of new reviews (major review platforms)
    Dedicated Internet Marketer
    Online Project Management Platform
    Website Conversion Analysis Implementation
    Initial Campaign Investment (Recommended)
    Progressive Monthly Optimization
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    FAQs about SEO services

    What is SEO?

    SEO stand for  “search engine optimization”. In simple terms, SEO is the act of enhancing your website so that it appears more frequently in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines when people search for:

    Products that you sell.

    Services that you provide.

    Information regarding topics in  which you have expertise in.

    Why does my business needs SEO?

    Because Search engine optimization allows you to improve traffic without having to pay for each click. When you run PPC advertising, you will be charged for each and every click that leads to your website via that channel. If, on the other hand, your website ranks organically on search engines, this traffic is virtually free (at least in terms of cost-per-click). Of course, ranking a website on the SERPs necessitates an investment in expertise and resources.

    If you are able to bring your website to the top of the search engines, you’ll have a steady stream of visitors that doesn’t have any click fees and won’t stop even if ads are turned off. If you rank organically, you will have 24/7 visibility. But keep in mind that organic search accounts for an average of 53% of total site traffic. If you ignore SEO, your competitors will benefit from this traffic. Most organizations cannot afford to overlook the significance of SEO. You must pay attention to your SEO strategy no matter what type of company you are, whether you are a local business, sell online, or are a multinational operation.

    How does SEO works?

    SEO is optimizing your website to meet the needs of users and Google’s algorithms, which attempt to rank the most relevant, valuable material for searchers. SEO tactics seek to make your website easier to understand for users and search engine crawlers, as well as to increase the value of your site to users.

    SEO includes a wide range of tactics, such as:

    Keyword analysis

    Building connections

    generation of content

    Local listings such as Google Business profile.

    An SEO team implements these strategies in a variety of ways, including adding important keywords to your content, improving the usability of your site through web design, obtaining links from credible sites, and much more.

    How much does SEO service cost?

    Prices for SEO services are determined by various factors, including the SEO agency, SEO strategy, and the website’s existing SEO. Businesses often invest $1500 to $5000 per month in SEO services. Hourly prices for SEO consulting services range from $100 to $300.

    Why a marketing agency is better than in-house team?

    A marketing agency can often offer a wider range of skills, knowledge of the industry, and the ability to grow, which can be more cost-effective and time-efficient than keeping an in-house team.

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    Emily Turner

    I can’t thank Jabnex enough for the incredible SEO services they provided to BrightTech Solutions. Our online visibility was practically non-existent before we partnered with them.


    BrightTech Solutions

    David Mitchell

    Jabnex has been a game-changer for us. Their SEO services have helped us climb the search engine rankings, and our website now appears on the first page in our industry.

    Founder & Creative Head
    Founder & Creative Head

    EcoGarden Pro

    Sarah Adams

    Jabnex’s SEO service have totally changed how we appear online. The speed and visibility of our website have gotten a lot better, and we’ve seen a huge rise in our online sales.

    Marketing Manager
    Marketing Manager

    TechHive Innovations

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