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Jabnex provides Amazon sellers with performance-driven SEO services using the industry’s most advanced software and novel product listing optimization tactics to boost sales, online exposure, and market dominance.


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    Increase Amazon Presence with Jabnex

    Did you know that Amazon attracts about half of the world’s shoppers? In fact, over 40% of all online sales happen right on this e-commerce giant. To tap into this massive market, you need top-notch Amazon SEO services.

    Our performance-driven SEO services are tailored for Amazon, and we’re here to make your products the top choice for shoppers worldwide. Imagine what this could mean for your sales, revenue, and overall business growth.

    Eager to explore the transformative power of our Amazon listing optimization services? Get in touch with our award-winning team at +91 883-756-8036 to connect with SEO experts who understand Amazon inside and out. Or, reach out to us online and share your business and product details!

    Choose Your Plan.

    Jabnex offers several flexible offers for you. Find the suitable one from here.

    Pre-built Email Templates
    Initial Product Analysis
    Comprehensive Product Analysis Report
    Competitive Product Price Analysis
    Product User Engagement Analysis
    Keyword Research for Individual Products (50 keywords per product)
    Product Title Optimization
    Product key features optimization
    Product Category Optimization
    Initial Product Copywriting (includes product copy for 5 featured bullet points and product description)
    15 pages
    30 pages
    New Products Consulting & Integration into Amazon Account (if new products are part of above 20 targeted products)
    Up to 15 child ASINs
    Up to 30 child ASINs
    Existing Product Optimization Suggestions and Implementations (if part of above 20 targeted products)
    Global Marketplace Suggestions
    Ongoing Product Optimization
    Quarterly Product Analysis
    Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets – Content, Product, Review Updates, and more
    Quarterly Competitor Analysis
    Monthly Sales & Pricing Monitoring
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    Our Amazon SEO Services Have 5 Benefits

    Opting for Jabnex’s SEO services for Amazon offers a host of advantages, ensuring your business thrives in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Here are seven compelling benefits:

    1. Increased Product Visibility with Professional Copy: Our seasoned copywriters craft compelling and informative product copy. This not only boosts your online visibility but also adds value to potential customers, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

    2. Keyword Strategy to Increase Sales: Our experts identify and target high-return keywords that are instrumental in driving sales. This meticulous approach guarantees your products are easily discoverable by potential buyers.

    3. Initial and Ongoing Product Listing Optimizations for Sustainable Sales: Enjoy both initial optimizations and continuous enhancements for your product listings. This ensures a consistent flow of sales, driving the success of your Amazon venture.

    4. Reporting Optimization Impact Transparently: Regular reports demonstrate the tangible impact and return on your investment in Amazon optimization services. This transparency allows you to assess the effectiveness of our strategies.

    5. Keyword and Pricing Strategies of Competitors: Gain invaluable insights into your competitors’ keyword and pricing strategies. Understanding what works in your industry enables you to fine-tune your own approach for better results.

    Interested in learning more about why businesses entrust Jabnex for Amazon listing optimization services? Explore our client testimonials and discover the success stories that have made us a trusted partner in the world of e-commerce.

    Our Amazon Optimization Process

    Ever wondered how our Amazon optimization services work? Dive into the inner workings of our services, from dedicated account managers to a collaborative approach with your team, all geared toward creating and optimizing your product listings to drive sales.

    1. Account Audit: To achieve the best results, our seasoned account managers kick off the process with a thorough audit of your Amazon account. They delve into your product listings, keyword targeting, and rankings to evaluate your current Amazon SEO strategy and identify growth opportunities.

    Your dedicated account manager also engages in discussions with your team to gain insights into your existing strategy and Amazon goals. This feedback is invaluable for crafting a tailored plan that aligns with your short- and long-term objectives. If you’re new to Amazon, they’ll guide you through setting up your account, uploading products, and more.

    2. Competitor Analysis: The next step involves scrutinizing your Amazon competitors. Your account manager assesses your competitors’ keyword targeting, product features, unique offers, and product optimization to understand their strategies.

    Armed with this data, your account manager tailors your strategy to compete effectively in Amazon search results and outperform your top competitors in terms of sales.

    3. Strategy Development: Following the account audit and competitor analysis, your account manager crafts your Amazon SEO strategy. This strategy is tailored to various factors, including your objectives and the number of products you offer.

    For instance, if your aim is to boost sales for your top products, the focus will be on optimizing these listings. If you’re looking to move slow-selling inventory, the strategy will revolve around optimizing those specific listings. Your dedicated Amazon SEO expert will present this strategy to your team for review.

    4. Keyword Research: Your dedicated account manager begins comprehensive keyword research for your Amazon SEO strategy. The primary goal is to identify relevant and high-value keywords that aptly describe your products and cater to transactional or ready-to-buy search intent.

    As part of our optimization services, we also seek out low-competition keywords. Less competition allows your products to secure higher positions in Amazon search results and avoid intense competition from larger brands.

    5. Listing Creation: If you plan to start or expand your Amazon Store, our Amazon SEO listing optimization services encompass product addition. Your dedicated account manager will create and optimize these listings following Amazon’s best practices. In cases where product photos are required, they’ll collaborate with a trusted third-party vendor.

    6. Product Optimization: Your account manager proceeds with the optimization of your product listings, which includes:

    • Seamlessly integrating relevant keywords into product titles and descriptions.
    • Ensuring product images conform to’s guidelines and recommendations.
    • Selecting the most fitting categories and subcategories for your products.

    These optimizations boost the visibility of your products in Amazon search results, making them more useful to shoppers and increasing sales and revenue for your business.

    7. Logistics Monitoring: Amazon’s algorithm takes into account factors beyond keywords, such as product inventory and order fulfillment. This is why our Amazon SEO services cover monitoring in-stock rates, offering FBA support, monitoring order defect rates, and maintaining a perfect order percentage.

    With these logistics features, your dedicated account manager can guide and support your team in processing orders, restocking products, and more, ensuring optimal performance in your Amazon SEO efforts.

    8. Monthly Reporting: Your account manager provides a monthly report to facilitate easy tracking of your Amazon SEO progress. During a one-on-one review with your account manager, you can ask questions, suggest report changes, or seek improvements to make it even more valuable for you and your team.

    9. Ongoing Optimizations: For Amazon success, continuous optimization is a must. Our Amazon ranking services focus on consistently optimizing your products, whether by identifying new keywords, fine-tuning product features, or introducing brand-new products to your store. Ongoing optimization helps your business continue to attract new customers and generate more sales.

    What does our Amazon Listing Optimization Services Include?

    1.Dedicated Account Manager: When you partner with our agency, you get a personal account manager. They’ll work closely with you to craft a competitive and data-driven Amazon SEO strategy.

    2.Product Listing Audit and Analysis Report: We kick things off with a detailed audit of your product listings, analyzing what works and what needs improvement.

    3.Keyword Research: We conduct in-depth keyword research to identify high-value keywords for your products, providing you with a list of 25 to 50 keywords per product.

    4.Category and Subcategory Optimization: Proper categorization is key to ranking on Amazon and Google. Our team ensures your products are optimally placed within categories and subcategories.

    5.Professional Copywriting: We offer add-on copywriting services, crafting original and on-brand product copy that enhances your online visibility and provides value to shoppers. Need Store copy? We can help with that too.

    6.Product Photography: We optimize product photos to align with Amazon’s image standards, offering shoppers the best possible view of your product. If needed, we can arrange professional photography.

    7.Inventory Monitoring: Effective inventory management is essential for Amazon success. Our services include in-stock rate, perfect order percentage, and order defect rate monitoring, ensuring you’re always on top of your inventory.

    8.Competitor Analysis: We conduct thorough competitor analyses every quarter, evaluating your direct competitors on Amazon to refine your strategy and boost sales.

    9.User Engagement Analysis: Improving user engagement is a crucial aspect of Amazon SEO. We closely analyze how users interact with your listings, helping to enhance their experience and drive conversions.

    10.Monthly Reporting: For total transparency, we provide monthly reports so you can track the impact of your investment and see improvements in your bottom line.

    Ready to explore the full potential of our Amazon SEO services? Contact us online to discuss your business and products, or call us at +91 883-756-8036 to chat with one of our award-winning Amazon SEO consultants and receive a free quote!

    FAQs about SEO For Amazon

    What is Amazon SEO?

    Amazon SEO, also known as Amazon Search Engine Optimization, involves optimizing product listings and content on the Amazon platform to improve their visibility and rankings within Amazon’s search results.

    Why is Amazon SEO important for sellers?

    Amazon SEO is crucial for sellers as it directly impacts product visibility. Higher rankings in Amazon’s search results increase the likelihood of products being discovered by potential customers, leading to more sales.

    What factors influence Amazon SEO?

    Key factors influencing Amazon SEO include relevant keywords in product titles, descriptions, and bullet points, product images, customer reviews and ratings, sales velocity, pricing, and fulfillment methods (such as Fulfilled by Amazon – FBA).

    How can sellers optimize product listings for Amazon SEO?

    Optimizing product listings involves conducting keyword research to identify high-ranking keywords, using these keywords strategically in product titles and descriptions, providing detailed and accurate product information, and optimizing product images.

    Are there specific Guidelines for Amazon SEO?

    Amazon has its own guidelines for optimizing product listings. These include using high-quality images, providing accurate product information, ensuring titles and descriptions are keyword-rich yet readable, and encouraging positive customer reviews through excellent service.

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